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    Rivet Merch

    Can I purchase additional storage bins?

    Yes, you can purchase additional bins for $5/bin per month. Each bin is 12 gallons with dimensions of 21.75" x 15.2" x 12.5".


    You are suggesting a plan that allows fewer bins than what I currently use. Any suggestions?

    We keep a limited amount of your inventory in our warehouse to try to make the best use of our space. In some cases, we may encourage you to place items on a clearance sale in order to move some older products and make room for more current products. If this is not possible, you may consider purchasing additional bins, or we can return your excess products back to you.

    How do you ensure you're making best use of bin space?

    Although we keep only a limited amount of inventory in stock, we organize products / fold apparel and fill each bin to its maximum capacity before we start using any additional bins.

    What will you do with any excess inventory?

    We will temporarily stock any excess inventory for up to 1 month if we expect it to sell within that period of time. Otherwise, we will return your excess product to you.

    You are suggesting a plan that allows fewer products than what I currently sell. Any suggestions?

    You may consider placing any older products on clearance and directing your fans to a clearance sale. This is often the best way to keep your older products moving. If you are a current customer with Rivet Merch, we can help facilitate this for you. Just let us know which items you'd like to place on a clearance and we can work with you on the pricing and discount details.

    I need to add more products to my store, but I've reached the product limit on my service plan. Any suggestions?

    You may consider either upgrading your plan or following one of the above mentioned suggestions. We'd also be happy to discuss possible solutions with you.

    Is the service fee or transaction fee negotiable?

    Not at this time. We feel strongly that the amount of storage space, store management, and operating costs justify the amount per plan. We've put serious thought into the costs for service plans and transaction fees. We believe the range of plans offer great options for artists at different levels.

    How much product can fit in a bin?

    CDs: 6 sleeves of 40 CDs (or 240 CDs)
    Vinyl Records: Approximately 150
    T-Shirts: *40-50
    Sweatshirts: *15-20

    *Actual bin capacity is dependent on garment sizes and fabrication.

    What if I have items that don't / won't fit in a storage bin?

    Mugs: One box of mugs equals 1 bin
    Candles: One box of candles equals 1 bin
    Other: We will need to assess specialty products on a case by case basis.

    Why are you limiting the amount of bins?

    Office/warehousing space is a substantial operating expense for many businesses. As our artist roster has grown significantly the past few years, so has the warehousing need and required space for online inventory. We've quickly outgrown our current space, making our day-to-day working space tight and less efficient. In turn, it's important that we emphasize that Rivet is not a long term storage facility. Implementing new service plans and limitations on corresponding storage bins adds a measure of accountability to help prevent products from gathering dust in our warehouse.